Scenic Drive In Sedona

If you’re looking for an unforgettable view and a great adventure, then a scenic drive in Sedona is perfect for you.

With its stunning red rocks, pristine landscape, and mountains from afar, a journey along the stunning roads of Sedona offers a unique experience that promises to take your breath away.

From the many red sandstone formations to the trails along Oak Creek that provide views of Cathedral Rock or Bell Rock, there is something extraordinary around every corner.

The winding roads invite travelers to explore the town in awe, and there is plenty to appreciate by taking it slow. Experience the majestic beauty of nature when you make your visit to Sedona this season.

Scenic Drive In Sedona

Popular Scenic Drives In Sedona

Sedona, Arizona provides a unique and picturesque landscape that draws in visitors from around the world. One of the best ways to experience this breathtaking scenery is to take a scenic drive in Sedona.

There are plenty of popular scenic drives that visitors can explore ranging from short, easier routes to more challenging roads.

Red Rock Scenic Byway

Sedona’s Red Rock Scenic Byway offers a spectacular driving experience through the breathtaking wilderness.

This 115-mile loop takes you to some of the most renowned attractions in the area, such as Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock.

On the drive, visitors will be greeted with panoramic red-rock scenes and awe-inspiring vistas that will stay with them for years to come.

Additionally, travelers can stop off at vibrant points of interest along the route, including Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, Slide Rock State Park, and the Historic Jordan Trailhead.

The Red Rock Scenic Byway delivers a memorable experience for all types of explorers, from scenic adventurers to sightseeing enthusiasts!

Red Rock Scenic Byway

Sedona’s Backcountry Discovery Route

Sedona’s Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) is a must-do for adventure enthusiasts. This 145-mile scenic drive provides spectacular panoramic views of red rocks, sandstone canyons, and rugged terrain as it wraps through the mountains and valleys of Sedona’s diverse landscape.

Along the way, one might come across some of Arizona’s historical sites, abandoned mines, and rich archeological sites.

Whether one takes a leisurely drive or has the thrilling off-roading experience that adventures crave, Sedona’s BDR offers impressive experiences that no other place in America can rival.

Sedona's Backcountry Discovery Route

Cathedral Rock Vista Drive

Cathedral Rock Vista Drive in Sedona is an unforgettable experience that offers stunning views of the surrounding desert landscape.

From its beginning at the Red Rock Visitor Center, this winding route takes drivers through sun-drenched valleys and towering stone formations.

As you make your way along the 12-mile tour, enjoy plenty of lookout points that provide gorgeous panoramic scenes of Cathedral Rock and the famed red rocks of Sedona.

Interspersed among these natural wonders are quaint homes, hidden trails, and massive cacti, each one captivating in its own right.

An ideal escape for nature lovers seeking a break from city life or those looking to take in breathtaking sunsets, Cathedral Rock Vista Drive will leave you mesmerized by its beauty.

Cathedral Rock Vista Drive

Jordan Road Scenic Drive

If you are ever in Sedona, Arizona, then the Jordan Road Scenic Drive is definitely a must-see.

This winding drive encompasses 13 miles of unexpected and jaw-dropping terrain including sandstone formations, unearthly terrains, and other captivating views.

Whether you take this journey in your own car or go on a guided tour with someone best acquainted with the sights along the way, you can expect to see some inspiring sights that will make your experience not easily forgotten.

Similarly, if you are looking for a place to relax and ponder life’s greatest questions while taking in an enriching visual feast around every corner, then Jordan Road should be added to your list.

Jordan Road Scenic Drive

Boynton Canyon Drive

Nestled in the heart of red rocks and sandstone formations, Boynton Canyon Drive is truly one of Sedona’s hidden gems.

Combining both stunning scenery and a glimpse into the area’s rich history and culture, it is no wonder why this scenic drive has become so popular.

Along the 8.2-mile drive, explore the picturesque Sonoran Desert landscape while learning more about traditional Anasazi tribal ruins in the background.

Keep an eye out during your journey for wildflowers blooming among cacti, birds soaring through the sky, and coyotes unearthing their prey.

From breathtaking rock formations to an important knowledge of Arizona’s culture and history, Boynton Canyon Drive promises something for everyone.

Boynton Canyon Drive

Soldier Pass Scenic Drive

Soldier Pass Scenic Drive in Sedona is a short 4.7-mile route that showcases some of the most iconic landscapes that Arizona has to offer.

From towering red rock formations to hidden canyons and swimming holes, the journey through Soldier Pass promises an unforgettable adventure.

This scenic road winds around Coconino National Forest, offering unparalleled opportunities for hiking and exploration along its banks.

The trail passes among many examples of spectacular sandstone formations, including Thunder Mountain and Submarine Rock, each one worth stopping to admire before continuing on.

Along the way, look out for wildlife such as deer, eagles, hawks, and even ring-tailed cats.

Beyond these remarkable views, there’s plenty to keep visitors entertained during their drive: tour an abandoned fort nearby or explore some of Sedona’s renowned spiritual sites like the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Amitabha Stupa, and Peace Park.

Soldier Pass Scenic Drive

Mescal Road Scenic Drive

The Mescal Road Scenic Drive in Sedona offers visitors an incredible opportunity to take a closer look at the area’s mesmerizing landscapes.

This seven-mile scenic drive follows iconic Mingus Mountain and enables visitors to experience panoramic views of juniper-dotted hillsides, magnificent stony red vistas, and calming pine forests.

Mescal Road is not only ideal for taking in views, but also for spotting local wildlife such as eagles and roadrunners.

Truly a unique place that offers something special with every visit, it’s no wonder why this popular drive is one of Sedona’s premier attractions.

Mescal Road Scenic Drive

Airport Mesa Drive

Nestled in the Red Rock Country of Northern Arizona, a drive along Airport Mesa Drive in Sedona provides spectacular views and winding roads through rugged red-rock canyons.

One of the most beautiful drives in the area, visitors of every type have raved about this countryside panorama from near and far.

Airport Mesa boasts incredible mountainside views with its rolling ponderosa pine hills and scenic walks along Oak Creek.

On clear days, you can even enjoy wonderful overlooks that provide an amazing view of the mouth of Williamson Valley and Mingus Mountain.

Airport Mesa Drive

Oak Creek Canyon Drive

The Oak Creek Canyon Drive in Sedona is renowned for its picturesque beauty and tranquility.

This 15-mile drive starts at Highway 89A and follows alongside the emerald waters of Oak Creek, leading you through the lush vegetation and majestic Red Rocks of the Sonoran Desert.

You can easily spot bighorn sheep, reptiles, and a variety of colorful birds from your car along the way as you take in this truly remarkable scenery.

With multiple rest stops and scenic viewpoints throughout the drive, it’s quite easy to spend an entire day reveling in the captivating views that can only be found in Sedona.

Oak Creek Canyon Drive

Dry Creek Road Scenic Drive

The Dry Creek Road Scenic Drive in Sedona, Arizona offers a magnificent view of the high-desert terrain and rugged red-rock formations made famous by the Southwest.

With Cascade Rock to the east and Cathedral Rock to the north, the road curves around the outskirts of town affording breathtaking views on both sides.

Taking this route one can witness some spectacular sunsets as they drive along its full five-mile stretch toward Capitol Butte Summit Trailhead Park.

With little-to-no elevation gain and numerous stops and pullouts to explore, there’s always something new to discover.

Dry Creek Road Scenic Drive


In conclusion, a scenic drive in Sedona is a must for any traveler looking to explore the spectacular beauty of Red Rock Country and take full advantage of the dazzling sights along Highway 89A.

From awe-inspiring vistas from atop Airport Mesa to magical snapshots of red rocks protruding from the Oak Creek Canyon, there’s something magical about this unforgettable journey that captivates its passengers.

Whether you go for a morning stroll or spend two days exploring every stunning view along the way, your time in Sedona will be an experience like no other.