Scenic Drive In Dallas

Dallas, Texas has stunning scenery that is best viewed on a scenic drive. From the downtown skyline to the rolling hills of North Dallas, there’s something for everyone.

Take a route through the city, taking in the sights and sounds of a bustling downtown or explore nature’s beauty with off-the-beaten paths and tree-lined roads. Along the way, you’ll invariably run into some of Dallas’ iconic sites such as Reunion Tower and Dealey Plaza.

Overview Scenic Drive In Dallas

The Scenic Drive in Dallas takes you around a 10-mile route featuring stunning skyline views of the downtown area, lengthy expanses of lush greenery, and classic Texas prairie land.

Start your tour in the Matthew Harding Haywood Historic District, and enjoy cobbled streets straight out of a Western movie set, as well as several old buildings and churches tucked away alongside roads.

From there, take a drive through the rolling hills of Lake Cliff Park while taking in incredible panoramas from every angle.

Scenic Drive In Dallas

Popular List Of Scenic Drive In Dallas

The many scenic drives available in and around Dallas can lead adventurers to all kinds of hidden treasures, from historical sites to picturesque parks.

Popular scenic drives include the Canyons Tour, one of the best ways to experience Fort Worth’s Stockyards District in full; the Indian Nature Trail, an ideal destination for nature lovers complete with lush vegetation and rich wildlife; and the White Rock Lake Scenic Drive, a 15-mile loop around one of Texas’ most serene bodies of water.

With a variety of forested hills, creeks, marshes, wetlands, and rivers at its disposal, Dallas has something special to offer no matter which route you choose.

White Rock Lake Drive

White Rock Lake Drive is a great way to take in the beauty of the sprawling city of Dallas. Starting at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, drivers can enjoy the vibrant colours of all the major flower beds or take a relaxing stroll along the walking trails.

The calm waters of White Rock Lake itself, form a picturesque view that accompanies visitors for much of their drive.

As visitors go further, grand views of various parks, lakeside trails and bikeways offer options for plenty more outdoor activities.

Driving to the west side of this stunning lake takes you past exquisite historic mansions located along Shoreline Drive; these incredible homes were constructed several decades ago, bringing life to one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in town.

North Central Expressway

The North Central Expressway, extending from downtown Dallas up to the Texas-Oklahoma border, is one of the best scenic drives in the region.

Located on a historic highway, you will experience the vibrant, green grasses and flowering trees that have been a hallmark of this route for generations.

The beautiful meandering Big Hickory Creek runs parallel along much of the drive. As you make your way through rich neighbourhoods and charming rolling hills, you begin to feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Make sure to stop at some of the numerous points of interest along this majestic journey including historic churches, iconic buildings and art galleries.

North Central Expressway

Trinity River Audubon Center Drive

The Trinity River Audubon Center Drive in Dallas is a beautiful and worthwhile journey for nature lovers, admirers of the great outdoors, and sightseers.

The scenic drive starts at the Audubon Center off Industrial Boulevard, where you’ll be treated to more than two miles of lush greenery and wildlife dotted along both sides of the Great Trinity River.

Once you’re on the road, marvel at sights ranging from postcard-perfect views of the lake and stunning hardwood hammock forests to wildflowers.

You can also catch glimpses of some local animals living nearby, such as turtles, alligators, armadillos and several types of birds.

As you turn off the drive onto McCommas Boulevard after passing under the I-45 overpass and continuing downstream towards the Sylvan Avenue Bridge, you are welcomed with one last surprise.

This 1/4 mile-long concrete water walk will provide visitors with a tranquil experience making it impossible not to whistle a happy tune or clap your hands in appreciation for such beauty.

Trinity River Audubon Center Drive

Cedar Hill State Park Scenic Drive

The Cedar Hill State Park Scenic Drive located in Dallas is a great opportunity to get outdoors and explore the natural beauty of this area of Texas.

Travelling down the winding road, you will be able to take in some stunning views that you would otherwise miss out on.

You’ll have the chance to enjoy different lakefront vistas, including Joe Pool Lake, as well as forestry and stretching plains. On top of that, expect plenty of wildlife sightings.

As you drive along the loop, you might even catch sight of an armadillo or deer! The drive is roughly 9 miles, with several stops along the way where you can still go for short hikes or just relax and take in your surroundings.

Cedar Hill State Park Scenic Drive

Margaret McDermott Bridge Scenic Drive

The Margaret McDermott Bridge Scenic Drive located in Dallas is a magnificent experience. It offers incredible views stretching across the landscape and over the Trinity River, connecting the west to the east side of the city.

As tourists drive by, they can take in the oak trees planted along the marshlands while looking out over Lumina Reef, an aquifer filled with lush foliage and captivating watercolours during certain times of the day.

The bridge itself is an architectural marvel, encircling visitors in its iconic artwork done in a white steel cable-stayed span.

Not only does it offer photo opportunities like no other but there are several landmarks along the route that entertain locals and attract new visitors every year such as Pioneer Plaza, Confederate War Memorial, Ross Towers Park and more.

Margaret McDermott Bridge Scenic Drive

Loop 12 Scenic Drive

Dallas residents looking for a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon might consider taking a drive along Loop 12 Scenic Drive.

This Dallas classic glides past lush greenery, and quaint suburban neighbourhoods, and every now and then, there’s even an urban skyline in the distance.

Bird watchers can appreciate this scenic drive as it teems with wildlife that can be spotted from the road. With its twists and turns through residential areas as well as outlying rural parts of town, this is truly a journey that keeps you guessing.

In addition to being visually stunning, Loop 12 Scenic Drive is also full of fun stops along the way at charming restaurants and unique shops. All things considered, it’s more than worth your while to visit Dallas’ Loop 12 Scenic Drive.

Loop 12 Scenic drives

Stemmons Freeway Scenic Drive

Located just off Dallas’ infamous Stemmons Freeway, the Stemmons Freeway Scenic Drive is a popular tourist attraction that provides stunning views of the city.

Spanning approximately 10 miles from north to south alongside I-35, it provides spectacular panoramic sights of Dallas’ iconic skyline.

With its convenient location and spectacular views, the drive makes for a superb leisurely activity for those looking to experience all that Dallas has to offer.

Even for a brief period on this drive, people can witness landmarks such as the historic Reunion Tower and get a real sense of what makes Dallas such an intriguing place to live.

Alongside some fantastic architecture and parks along the way, it also offers diverse eateries and images of vibrant urban life, so make sure you have your camera ready.

Whether driving or walking around, the scenic drive truly encapsulates everything that Dallas is about, making it a must-see when visiting Texas.

Stemmons Freeway Scenic Drive

Turtle Creek Boulevard Scenic Drive

The Stemmons Freeway Scenic Drive in Dallas offers an unforgettable drive through the heart of the city. With its many monuments, colourful murals and detailed sculptures, it provides a stunning backdrop for a scenic drive.

Driving along this stretch of I-35E, you’ll get views of some of the architecture that has made Dallas famous. From the art deco wonderland of West End to the stately magnificence of City Hall and beyond, the Stemmons Tour de Dallas will take your breath away.

Alongside modern skyscrapers and lush green lawns you’ll also find historical sites like The Sixth Floor Museum, which commemorates President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Turtle Creek Boulevard Scenic Drive

Katy Trail Scenic Drive

The Katy Trail Scenic Drive, located in Dallas, is filled with plenty of breathtaking sights to behold. This scenic drive proposes a range of enticing routes encompassing the likes of lively city sites, rural views and lakeside endeavours.

If you’re an eager traveller looking for an adventure to connect with and explore the local community, then this trip through Dallas should definitely be on your list.

Here you’ll find affordable parks, eateries and bars for everyone to enjoy, no matter what type of experience they’re longing for.

The trip starts near downtown Dallas travelling along White Rock Lake before looping around Uptown passing Fair Park and ending near Stevens Park Golf Course, all the while exposing spectacular views of rolling hills framed by peaceful water views.

Katy Trail Scenic Drive

Tips For Enjoying The Drive

Taking a scenic drive in Dallas can be an amazing experience as it allows you to explore the city while enjoying beautiful views.

To get the most out of this adventure, it’s important to plan carefully, pack correctly and know where you’re going.

Before setting out, make sure your vehicle is in good working condition, and check all fluids, tire pressure and oil levels. Set aside ample time for the journey so that you can take breaks along the way to soak in the majestic landscapes with family or close friends.

For great sightseeing spots, there are endless roads and paths for exploration, both north and south of Dallas.

Be sure to pick up snacks, drinks and bug spray before embarking on your little excursion; nothing is worse than running out of things you need, so make sure to anticipate all potential needs. Don’t forget your camera either – scenic drives offer plenty of photographic opportunities.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Dallas for a scenic drive is in the spring. This is when the temperatures are just right, allowing drivers to enjoy the path comfortably while taking in some of the breathtaking scenery Dallas has to offer.

The wildflowers will be in bloom and colourful fields fill the view; historic buildings bathed in light make a gorgeous drive even more memorable!

Preparing For The Drive

Dallas is a great city to enjoy a scenic drive. Before planning your Dallas-bound drive, there are a few important preparations to consider.

Firstly, make sure your vehicle is in good running condition. Ensure that all fluid levels are topped up, and check for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Secondly, map out your trip ahead of time if possible so that you can plan ahead for rest stops and any other needs on the road.

It’s also wise to take extra safety precautions such as packing an emergency kit with items like a flashlight, water bottle, first aid supplies, and flares in case of any unexpected events while driving. With these preparations, driving through Dallas can be an unforgettable experience!

Must-Have Supplies

If you’re planning to take a scenic drive in the beautiful tropical paradise of Hawaii, then be sure to prepare yourself with the essential supplies.

Before embarking on such a journey, stock your car with snacks like fresh fruits, nuts, and protein bars so that you’ll never go hungry while taking in all of the majestic views.

Additionally, keeping an ample supply of water is a must as temperatures can rise quickly throughout the day. Lastly, don’t forget electronics like chargers and sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Road Conditions

Taking a scenic drive in Dallas is a great way to explore the city while admiring its landscapes, historical sites, and attractions.

The roads are typically in good condition; however, the urban sprawl of Dallas means there is often traffic during peak commute times.

Additionally, during rush hour, those driving on major highways such as Interstate 35 or 635 can experience lengthy amounts of congestion due to an increase in speeds by other drivers. Fortunately, recent road safety infrastructure improvements have made these highways safer for motorists.


Overall, taking a scenic drive in Dallas is an adventure worth taking. Not only does it offer stunningly beautiful sights of nature to see, but it is also overall peaceful and calming.

The roads are mainly lonely and chances are that you may often find yourself surrounded by the quietness of nature.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, taking a scenic drive will be more than welcome during your stay in Dallas.

With its picturesque views, mesmerizing sunsets and fresh air, what more can one ask for? So why wait? Get packing and head to Dallas now to experience this amazing adventure.